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Wedding Tip – The Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Tip – The Unplugged Wedding Ceremony – Should you have one?

YES is the answer!

An unplugged wedding ceremony means all guests are asked to keep their electronic devices turned off and to not take photos/video while the ceremony is in process.

We know it’s an exciting day and everyone wants to capture those special moments on their device and tag and share instantly, but it’s also really important that family and friends are actually present during your wedding ceremony.

Apart from that, you have paid a professional photographer to be there and having thousands of devices hovering in front of the photographer will quite simply ruin your photos. As the ceremony starts, guests tend to get in the aisle to get a better view for their photo and the photographer is forced to take the focus off you and navigate around guests and ask if they can move away from the isle while trying capture the emotion of the ceremony and importantly the first kiss.

If you have guests standing in the isle or even holding a device up high from where they are sitting, the ceremony photos can be ruined. The excitement of taking photos can be too much to resist for some guests (the camera enthusiast, etc.) so if you go unplugged, you need to be really clear about it so here some tips to go unplugged:

The first tip is to have a sign made which tells guests that the wedding is unplugged and you can even have a basket handy for guests to put their devices in until the ceremony is finished. Another tip is to tell guests your wedding is unplugged by adding it to your wedding ceremony program or even put it in your wedding invitations so guests are well aware ahead of the day. Your celebrant or priest can also remind guests that devices are to be turned off during this special part of the wedding day.

We are certainly not saying nobody can take photos on your wedding day but it is highly recommended that during important moments, guests keep their devices out of the way until the photographer gives the go ahead that he has what he needs.

So as you can see, there are many positives to the unplugged wedding ceremony!


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Wedding Tip Unplugged

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